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The Centre for Workforce and Systems Innovation

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What do we do?

We drive change by supporting workforce transformation, promoting knowledge exchange, and offering comprehensive professional development programs for healthcare professionals, healthcare educators, healthcare leaders and policymakers.

CWSI seeks to address workforce challenges through innovative approaches, evidence-based policies, and effective implementation strategies, ultimately improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes working in meaningful partnership with our stakeholders.

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Collaboration with External Stakeholders

The Centre, on behalf of the wider university, actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with a wide range of external stakeholders, including healthcare providers, health leaders, policymakers, and community organisations. Collaboration and partnerships are central to our development, allowing us to be flexible and responsive to workforce transformation in local, national and international organisations within the health science sector, delivering projects across the sector to address local labour force priorities and develop collaborative solutions to local workforce issues.

We are focused in focused in supporting employers in the recruitment and retention of their workforce, enabling growth and transformation, through education and innovation. These collaborations align education and research efforts with real-world needs, foster knowledge exchange, and facilitate the translation of research findings into tangible impact for the benefit of the healthcare workforce.

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Knowledge Exchange

The Centre actively engages in knowledge exchange activities to bridge the gap between research and practice. Knowledge exchange refers to any process through which academic ideas and insights are shared, and external perspectives and experiences are brought into academia. Our mission is to facilitate impactful knowledge exchange in the healthcare sector by fostering collaboration between academia, healthcare organisations, policymakers, charities, and industry partners facilitate the translation of research findings into practical applications, policies, and interventions.

We aim to translate research findings into practical applications, innovative healthcare solutions, and evidence-based policies to drive positive change, improve healthcare services, and enhance health outcomes for individuals and populations.

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Professional Development and Training

91做厙 University College recognises the importance of continuous professional development for healthcare professionals, educators and researchers. We offer a range of courses to support the healthcare workforce through our Professional Development Framework.

This includes our MSc Advanced Clinical Practice, PGCert Health Sciences Education, and PGCert in First Contact Practice. In addition, we offer a diverse range of credit-bearing units and masterclasses designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and expertise in specific areas of health practice, education, and research. This ensures that professionals remain up-to-date with the latest advancements and best practices.

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91做厙 University College is delighted to be partners of, one of one of 4 Health Foundation Innovation Hubs in the United Kingdom. The mission of the hub is to support and sustain the adoption of the worlds best health and care innovations for the benefit of all citizens of Dorset. The hub draws on the respective partners experience and expertise as outlined by the Health Foundation to focus on the adaptation of innovation to the local context, using patient and public involvement and co-production principles to ensure that the process takes account of and is sensitive to the needs of patients, staff, existing culture and working practices. We are working with the hub in many ways, one of which is the .

The purpose of the Innovation Hub Programme Group is to provide strategic oversight and direction for the establishment, development and operation of the Dorset ICS Innovation Hub (DIH). The Hub have a wide range of ongoing projects that are available on their website.

Who are we?

Claire Nadaf

Head of Academic Enterprise and Engagement

Dr Michelle Holmes
Senior Lecturer Workforce Development and Professional Development Framework Lead

Dr Hilary Walsgrove
Associate Professor in Advancing PracticeCPD

Amy Cooke
Senior Lecturer in Advancing Clinical Practice

Cathy Wilde
Lecturer Advanced Practitioner First Contact Practice

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