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Access & Participation

Improving equality of opportunity in Higher Education.

Our Access and Participation plan sets out how we will improve the equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from Higher Education (HE).

Access and Participation Plans

Our Access and Participation plan (previously known as our Access Agreement) aims to ensure all people we work with have equal access to Higher Education (HE) and for all students to have access to the support and encouragement they need to reach their potential.

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Get involved

To deliver on our Access and Participation Plan 2020 2025, we welcome your ideas on how we can help more students from different backgrounds to access Higher Education (HE) and succeed in their studies.

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Specific groups

We are focused on continuously improving how we support different groups of students at our University College. For example, students from a low-income background or those facing financial hardship, estranged students, students with a disability and care leavers.

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We offer a number of study pathways that enable you to Make a Difference across a wide variety of worthwhile health science careers.

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What is Access and Participation?

Access and Participation seeks to improve access for specific groups of students, remove barriers to HE, remove attainment gaps, and achieve significant reductions in progression gaps for those groups most significantly affected.

Unfortunately, some young people are less likely to achieve the necessary qualifications to access and study at university. These gaps in opportunity and achievement are apparent from a young age. There can also be inequalities between different groups of students once they access HE, and some groups of students are likely to do better than others, even when their prior academic achievement is the same. Finally, we know some groups of students find it easier to find jobs after university or access further study.

We therefore seek to work collaboratively with key partners to remove the barriers to HE which students from under-represented groups face, in order to bring about tangible, positive change for students, communities and businesses.

Our Access and Participation plan is approved by the .

To support the plan we will be:

– Working collaboratively with staff, our local community, teachers and advisors to offer a range of Access and Participation outreach and recruitment activities widening access to all. Encouraging them toget involved.

– Helping prospective students make informed choices about their future in HE, supporting retainment in science and widen access to underrepresented groups.

– Supporting schools and inviting students and schools along to ouroutreach activities.

Student Support

Our Student Services team offer support to students whether its academic or personal. Student Services are available to all students, all Schools and all years and our advisors will be happy to help you with any questions or queries.

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