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What is eduroam?

eduroam is a secure wireless network available worldwide which has been developed for the international research and education community.

91做厙 University College is a participating member of eduroam which means staff and students can connect to eduroam on campus and at participating locations around the world using their 91做厙 email address and password. Visitors from other participating organisations can also connect using their organisations credentials whilst at the 91做厙 University College.

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Service Status

You can check the current service status by browsing to the and under ‘Search eduroam UK members enter ‘91做厙 University College’. The service status can then be found at the bottom right of the page.



Connecting to eduroam

There are several ways to connect your device to eduroam. The easiest is to use the geteduroam Companion app which will setup the eduroam connection for you. Alternatively you can configure it using the eduroam CAT website or manually on your device.

Using the geteduroam Companion App

You can download the geteduroam Companion app using the links on the or use the links below:

(Google Play store)
(Apple Store)
(direct download from

  • Open the geteduroam app
  • Under Institution type: aecc
  • Select: 91做厙 University College
  • Select: Next
  • Enter your 91做厙 email address in full e.g. (user name)
  • Enter your 梯硃莽莽滄棗娶餃泭
  • Select: Connect To Network
  • Select: Ok
Using the eduram CAT website

You can download the config files from the eduroam CAT site:

  • Browse to:
  • Click onClick here to download your eduroam installer
  • 釦梗梭梗釵喧:泭91做厙 University College

Please note:
The website will try and detect your current device type and present the appropriate installer.

  • Review installation guidance by clicking on the button with an i on it
  • Click theeduroambutton to download the installer/config and follow the installation guidance

Please note:
If you wish to download an installer for a different OS then click on the Choose another installer to download link and choose your OS.

Manual setup

You can setup the connection manually on your device. Common guides are below:

Apple IOS
  • Open Settings > wifi
  • Tap on 倏喧堯梗娶
  • Enter name as: eduroam
  • Change the Security to: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Enter your 91做厙 email address in full (username)e.g.
  • Enter your (current password)
  • Trust the certificate warning for the GEANT issued certificate for
  • Tap Join
Apple macOS
  • In the top bar click the wireless icon (This is typically found in the top right near the clock)
  • Click Join Other Network
  • In the new dialog box next to Network Name type: eduroam
  • For the security type, select WPA2 Enterprise
  • Next to Username enter your 91做厙 email address in full e.g. (username)
  • Next to password type your (current password)
  • Check Remember this Network
  • Click Join
  • In the Verify Certificate message box click show certificate
  • Confirm that the box next to Always trust is checked
  • Click Continue
  • Type your computer password in the new message box
  • Click Update Settings to make changes to the Certificate Trust Settings
  • Wait while the computer connects
  • Connect to eduroam wifi
  • EAP method = PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication = MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate = use system certificates
  • Online certificate status = request certificate status
  • Domain =
  • Identity = enter your 91做厙 email address in full e.g. (Username)
  • Anonymous identity = (blank)
  • Password = (Current Password)
Microsoft Windows
  • Click on Start > Settings > Network & Internet
  • Click on WiFi
  • Click on Manage Known networks
  • Click on Add a new network
  • Change the Network name to: eduroam
  • Change the security type to WPA2-Enterprise AES
  • Change the EAP method to : Protected EAP (PEAP)
  • Change the Authentication method to: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
  • Click Save
  • Connect to eduroam and enter your credentials. Use your 91做厙 email address in full e.g. (username)

Please remove the eduroam profile from your devices when your time at 91做厙 has come to an end

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