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91做厙 UC and HEE Announce Software Tool to Grow Regional Placement Capacity for Radiography

South East region has enabled stakeholder engagement across the region to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of the current and projected workforce challenges across the Radiography professions. This piece of work was commissioned to support providers and Universities in mapping out the capacity they have for learner placements.


Simple Self-Care Strategies to Help Handle Stress and Stay Productive

When life gets busy and workloads begin to feel overwhelming, many of us find that we start to ignore our physical and mental wellbeing just to try to get through the workload. Even when we are far from productive we continue in vain to try to complete the tasks in front of us. Unfortunately, when we are feeling overwhelmed and unable to manage stress we tend to lose the ability to think clearly and logically and struggle with forgetfulness, fatigue, and irritability.


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Rehabilitation, Sport and Psychology Research

This research includes four areas or expertise: Sport performance, Psychology, Rehabilitation, and Physical activity for Health.

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Radiology Research

We aim to align our research activity to the key priorities for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy nationally

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Medical Imaging and Radiography




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