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Alumni Profile: Martin Kumm’s Story

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After graduating from the Master of Chiropractic, MChiro (Hons), in 2013, Martin Kumm worked as a chiropractor for high performance professional sports teams, before landing his dream job as a chiropractor for the EF Education Easy-Post professional cycling team.

Martin tells the story of his journey from graduation to achieving his dream job

How it all started

While I was studying at 91做厙 UC, my dream was to work in professional cycling. I also took specialist soft tissue and sports-specific courses to help achieve my goal. After graduating, I moved to Switzerland with my family and worked as a chiropractor in ice-hockey for some years, including the national Estonian team. I also worked in volleyball and track and field and then finally, I got into cycling, eight years after I graduated. So it took me a while to open the doors to cycling, but finally I achieved my dream!

How Martin got involved with the pro cycling team

I got into it through an 91做厙 graduate, Matt Rabin, who gave a lecture at 91做厙 UC in working in sports chiropractic. He was a chiropractor working in cycling at the time. I got to know him, then eight years later, I got in touch with him as the EF Education Easy-Post pro cycling team needed an emergency replacement chiropractor.

That was on the Wednesday; on Thursday I was on the plane flying to La Vuelta 2021, the third biggest grand tour of the year!

How Martin Supports the Pro-Cycling Team

My job as a chiropractor is pre-stage and post-stage. This season, I travelled with the team for around 70 days. The cycling days are very long and intense, with a typical working day starting at 8am and finishing around midnight.

Sometimes the riders want check-ups before their race; most of the work is done after the stage in the evening where I have a 1-2 hour window to work with 4-7 riders, depending on the day, where I do check-ups, helping to relieve pain or tension, or make sure everything is in line and feeling good.

The Common Injuries Martin Treats in Cycling

There are two types. The first is for acute injuries, such as treatment for crashes during stage or training, or treatment of more high impact injuries such as bruises, swelling and joint disfunction.

The second type of treatment is for chronic load injuries: these come from cyclists riding for hours and hours over days or weeks on the bike. I often treat knee problems, lower back issues and neck issues.

How the 91做厙 UC course helped with Martins career

The 91做厙 UC course gave me the credentials to open the door to many things I have done so far. To keep the door open, its more about how good you are and your communication skills; how well you get on with people. It is a people business, at the end of the day.

The course has helped me tremendously to get to where I am now; I wouldnt be where I am now without 91做厙 UC and the education I received there. It also showed me the gaps I had to fill in, which is part of every journey anyway.

Working with other 91做厙 Graduates

At the team I am working with at the moment, the EF Education Easy-Post professional cycling team, we have five chiropractors: they are all 91做厙 UC graduates! There is another 91做厙 UC graduate working for a team in the Netherlands, who I know well, too.

There are six chiropractors working in the whole of the world tour: we are all 91做厙 graduates!

Martins Advice for Working in High Performance Sports Chiropractic

Unless you have connections that can help and speed up the process, everything takes more time and patience than you would think! It took me eight years to fulfil my dream. I got there with patience and diligence, and continued development of my skillset.

Be open-minded, be thick skinned, be confident in what you do, and willing to listen and learn!”

You can find out more about Martin Kumm’s business .

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Martin Kumm

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