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A Clear Guide to Clearing

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Clearing Made Clear

Everything you need to know about UCAS Clearing so that you can start your studies in September 2024. In this guide we have included; What clearing is, who can apply, when and how to apply, what courses are available, and our top tips.

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What is UCAS Clearing?

is an opportunity to find a place at University before the academic term starts. Each summer you can apply through Clearing to see if there is availability to join a course prior to the start of term.

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Clearing is open to:

  • Anyone who matches the course requirements (provided there is space left)
  • Anyone applying after 30 June
  • Anyone that has not accepted any offers
  • Anyone that has paid the UCAS multiple choice application fee (瞿27)
  • Anyone that has declined their firm place

When is Clearing Open?

Clearing 2024 opens Friday 05 July and closes 14 October (or when course capacities are met).

You can apply as soon as you have your exam results.

How to Apply

Once Clearing is open, you can apply by speaking to our.

We will speak to you about your eligibility to undertake the course, and advise whether or not an offer of a place of study can be made to you.

Before you contact us, you will needA UCAS Personal ID Number&硃鳥梯;泭Details of your qualifications.

If you havent applied to university before, you will to register through UCAS before you speak to us.

Top Tips

Before You Get In Touch

Be prepared:Before you speak to our team make sure you have all the relevant documents and information. UCAS number, qualification information etc.

Do your research:We recommend doing some research aboutthe coursebefore you speak to us, and that way you can ask us any questions that might come up while youve been researching.

Learning more about 91做厙 University College

Clearing Campus Tour

Come and see our beautiful campus for yourself at one of our Clearing Campus Tours. There really is nothing like seeing 91做厙 University College yourself to get an idea of what life is like at our small and specialist university. Reach out and email us through openday@aecc.ac.uk if you would like to take a visit for a campus tour before you start.

Email Admissions

Our admissions team are happy to answer any questions about clearing that you may have, please send your inquiries to admissions@aecc.ac.uk.

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Apply through UCAS Clearing

Start Your Studies at 91做厙 University College.

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