Health MOT

Get a 360 overview of your health with our 30-minute, standard 14-point health MOT. Receive a comprehensive report of your health and identify important health factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, obesity and more.

Your visit

After being welcomed to our state-of-the-art Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, our performance specialist will measure your blood pressure, height and weight before conducting the blood assessments using a painless finger-prick testing technique to measure blood lipids and glucose. These measurements are conducted using the CardioChek簧 found in GP clinics across the country and used as standard in the NHS.

You will then undergo body composition analysis using our state-of-the-art SOZO簧 analyser, one of less than five in the country. The SOZO簧 works by passing hundreds of low frequency impulses through your body to measure your body fat, lean mass, hydration and cell health.

The SOZO簧 test itself is really simple and takes just a few minutes, its non-invasive and only requires you to take off your shoes and socks to stand on the platform.

As well as the SOZO簧 the Health MOT also includes a blood test, and lipid profile which is used to tell us things like your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and indicates your risk of diabetes and other diseases.

You will then undergo measurements of your hips and waist and grip strength before being asked some questions related to your lifestyle.

Your report will be available during the session and the practitioner will talk you through your results as the tests are conducted and you will receive an electronic report by email after the appointment.

What's included?

The Health MOT consists of 14 key measurements, including blood cholesterol, diabetes glucose, and pressure, waist and hip circumferences and body composition. By completing these tests, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of your health and take steps to become healthier.

The Health MOT includes everything in our body composition test plus some more detailed insights such as:

  • Blood lipid profile
  • Blood glucose concentration
  • Overall assessment for strength
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hip:Waist ratio

Benefits of a Health MOT

This test provides us with a comprehensive breakdown of your health that can be used to improve physical performance, reduce risk of injury, and help to design targeted interventions to lower risk of chronic diseases

As well as all the benefits of our basic assessment the additional checks in our Health MOT will give us a measure of your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and other health issues, such as whether your body is showing signs you are developing diabetes, pre-diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Our Health MOT is commonly used by individuals looking to develop a more comprehensive understanding of their current health situation and identify areas of risk in order to make informed decisions about their health care.

Prices & how to book

Health MOT: 瞿90

Duration: 30mins

Get a 360 view of your health and to identify health factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, obesity and more.

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