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Rehabilitation, Sport and Psychology Research includes four areas or expertise: Sport performance, Psychology, Rehabilitation, and Physical activity for Health. Current research includes studies on sports performance, psychology in sport, physical activity for mental and physical health, vision in sport, and rehabilitation in different populations.

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Rehabilitation, Sport and Psychology Research for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

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How different leaders impact the emotional state of their team

The aim of the study was to explore how different types of athlete leaders in a team impact the emotional state of their team members and whether any gender differences exist.

Prof Stewart Cotterill and his team found that female athletes are more susceptible to emotional influence when compared to male athletes. Female athletes also experienced a greater variation in the perceived impact of different types of leaders on their emotional state.

Rugby Coaches view of the role of the team captain

This study explored the views of the coach regarding the function of the captain in professional rugby union. The results suggest that the coach views the captain as an extension of their authority in the team and on the pitch. Also, that leadership groups are increasing important to support the captain, though the criteria for the selection of the most appropriate captain still appears a little vague. There are also question marks about how captains can be supported to further develop their required skills and expertise.

Peripheral perception under pressure

A research study involving Dr Zoe Wimshurst from our Psychology research group explored the contribution of cardiac vagal activity, derived from heart rate variability (HRV), on peripheral perception under pressure. Participants carried out a peripheral perception task whilst under pressure. Results showed that cardiac vagal activity did not significantly affect peripheral perception.

Student and Teacher learning about eye tracking movements with a display screen showing the focus of the human eye

Meet the team

Research Lead:

Dr Alyx Taylor

Dr Alyx Taylor is the research lead for Rehabilitation Sport, and Psychology.

Alyxs own research arises from her work on the neuroendocrinology of affective disorders and developmental disorders. She has a special interest in factors affecting the human stress response and how this impacts physical and mental health.

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  • Stewart Cotterill
  • Micah Atkinson
  • Caroline Belchamber
  • Thomas Bennett
  • Fiona Lucas
  • Phill Heritage
  • David Peacock
  • Ana Soares
  • Z繹e Wimshurst

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