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Students' Union

91做厙 Students’ Union

Our vibrant Students’ Union provides a hub of activity on campus and beyond, bringing a positive attitude and fresh new ideas students representing students!

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Meet the ASU

Find out more about the ASU, its members, goals and responsibilities, how they can support you at your time at university.

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Academic Advice & Student Representation

Find out more about the academic support available and how the ASU represent you on various committees and meetings.

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Student Charter

The student charter is created to introduce you to our mission statement, our goals and responsibilities, and to familiarise you with what we expect from you.

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Sport and Social Clubs

At 91做厙 University College we are very big on health and well being, so it’s only natural that we have a number of sport teams and societies on campus.

If you are interested in something that we don’t currently have, why not start a club yourself?

Social Media

Follow us on social media to access more information about events, news and wellness.

Facebook – Freshers Group (Coming soon)


Discover and read all the latest news, press releases and happenings here at 91做厙 University College.


Callum Moss

Callum Moss is a First Year student on the MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) course at 91做厙 University College. We recently caught up with him to hear more about his decision to study to become a physiotherapist and why 91做厙 UC is an appealing specialist university.

Aurora Paris With Rugby Team

We hear about Auroras work experience within Rugby and why she enjoys studying within the close-knit community at 91做厙 University College.

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