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Student Story: Aurora Paris

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Aurora Paris With Rugby Team

We recently caught up with Aurora Paris, one of our Second Year students studying the MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) course. We hear about Aurora’s work experience within Rugby and why she enjoys studying within the close-knit community at 91 University College.

Becoming A Physiotherapist

“I always wanted to be involved with sports. Unfortunately, I had too many injuries to be an athlete myself, so I was drawn to sports therapy which was my undergraduate degree.

“I did four years of that with a placement year with Bath Rugby. That made me realise that I really wanted to work in professional rugby. I was told that I needed to become a physiotherapist to work in the way that I wanted to.

“So, I completed the rest of my undergraduate degree, looked at universities that offered a pre-registration option and 91 UC was the one that caught my attention.”

Choosing 91 UC

“91 UC caught my attention due to the layout of the course; it sounded really inspiring. I liked that I would have the opportunity to do vlogs, blogs and posters as part of my assessments – that sounded like it would suit me.

“The course was HCPC recognised, which was important to me. I decided to defer for a year, and during that time I worked at an elite sporting school as a sports therapist. I then came here and it worked out really well.”

A Close-Knit Environment

“I like the fact it’s a relatively small university, as I have come from a small university. It’s a close-knit environment and it’s nice to get to know people easily. I also liked the January start date – that was convenient for me.

“91 UC also appealed to me as it is close to home. It’s by the sea and I’ve never lived by the sea before.

“I also like the fact that the class sizes are small. The lecturers are easy to get hold of and are understanding of either academic or personal circumstances that might come up; they really help you through.”

Inspirational Patients During Placement

“The highlight for me has been placement. My first one was at a private practice in Poole that specialised in neurological conditions. I went with one other person from my course, and we got on really well.

“It opened my eyes up to neurological conditions, especially Parkinson’s. Being able to apply what I’ve learned to real world situations was great. We saw some incredible people there and their stories were life changing and inspiring.

“My second placement was on an Orthopaedic trauma ward in Basingstoke. I was again able to apply my learning to the real world and could relate due to my own personal situation caring for my grandma.

“I was really lucky to go into three surgeries and I saw a hip, a knee and a shoulder surgery. It was inspiring and fascinating.”

Placement With Bath Rugby Team

“I was introduced to Rugby physiotherapy when I was fifteen, when I went to the World Masters Games in Italy, as my dad was playing for an over-35’s rugby team.

“I got experience working with Rugby in my placement working with Bath Rugby team. Then my older brother introduced me to Rugby Sevens.

“I met a friend who is Tongan during the Covid-19 pandemic and they needed someone for the Olympic team in Monaco, so he recommended me to the manager. That was my invitation into international rugby, and I’ve been really fortunate that they kept me on since.

“I went to the Commonwealth Games then to Chile for the Challenger Series. From Chile, I went to New Zealand with them to train and then we went to South Africa for the Sevens World Cup.

“I went to Twickenham last summer as they got into the final leg of the Challenger where they competed for promotional relegation. They unfortunately lost but hopefully this year they will be promoted.

“This year, I’ve been to Dubai, Uruguay and I’ve got Munich coming up. If they qualify, I’ll get to go to Madrid. Monaco is also this year and if they qualify then it will be the Olympics.”

Working With Tonga Sevens Team

“I look after the Tonga sevens team when I have time off from university. They’re based in New Zealand, so I have to fly around the world to do this. When I’m over here, and they’re there, I send a lot of exercise programmes when they are injured. I am someone they can come to if they have any issues.

“When I’m over there, I work as a sports therapist whilst I wait to get my physiotherapy qualification. I do mobility with them, wellness checks and I do their pre-game taping and massage, pitchside trauma care during the games, and after the games, I do treatments in the evening depending on what they need.”

“My dream is to work for the All Blacks Sevens team.”

You can find out more about the MSc Physiotherapy course here or by requesting a copy of our latest Prospectus.

Aurora Paris

Above: Aurora Paris

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