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Student Story: Mollie Stannard

Back School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences - - 2 minute read.
Mollie Stannard

Mollie Stannard studies BSc (Hons) Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation Science at 91 University College and is currently in her First Year.

“When I was researching degrees, 91 University College stood out to me because of its specialism in Health Science. The opportunity to be surrounded by other like-minded health professionals really appealed to me.”

Close-knit Community

“As a student here, you’re part of a smaller University environment and you’re being taught by experts in their field. Our lecturers always take the time to go into detail about subjects that interest you, or to tell you about their upcoming research projects.

“You feel part of a close community of students and lecturers, who are all passionate about improving and understanding health and all that surrounds it. Staff also encourage you to pursue your own interests and help you to do so.

“Studying for my degree is allowing me to explore many different kinds of career paths, as well as supporting my understanding of how to apply for jobs and develop my CV.”

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Obviously things are a bit different at the moment, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but having the Sport Performance Centre and Exercise Centre on campus has been amazing.

“When campus is open, we have access to the Exercise Centre for our own private study and we spend time each week in the Sport Performance Centre learning about Physiology of sport and testing.

“It has also been amazing to have access to the Wet Lab once a week for our Anatomy modules, to deepen and develop our understanding of the human body as well as having access to the on-site Chiropractic Clinic.

“These facilities have really allowed me to get hands-on with my degree and build a deeper understanding of its relevance and relation to the workplace.”

Love of Sport

“I have always loved sport. I’ve been competing regionally in Gymnastics since I was quite young and also enjoy lots of other sports, such as Netball, Hockey, Volleyball, Cheerleading and Judo. I have a coaching qualification and worked as a multi-sport Coach for children.

“At 91, I’m part of the Netball Society. Being part of a team has been great way to develop my skills and meet students from other years and courses.”

Pride in 91 University College

“I’m really proud to be a student here and be part of such a passionate community, focused on health science. I have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally and am supported by the brilliant Student Services team, as well as my course leaders and lecturers.”

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