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Medical Imaging, Radiography and Radiotherapy

Study Medical Imaging, Radiography, and Radiotherapy

At 91做厙 University College, our courses in Medical Imaging, Radiography, and Radiotherapy are part of the MIRR group in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (HRS).

At undergraduate level you can choose to study eitherdiagnostic radiography泭棗娶泭therapeutic radiography. At postgraduate level ourMSc Medical Ultrasound, and MSc Breast Imaging offers students with a qualification in a related background a route intodeveloping greater specialist knowledge and skills in ultrasound. We also offershort courses and CPDin ultrasound.

Why become a radiographer?

One in two of the population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and so radiotherapy treatment, which uses high energy x-rays to treat tumours, has never been more important. Up to a third of people with cancer will need radiotherapy and will rely on people like you to provide it.

Study Diagnostic Radiography

Study Radiotherapy and Oncology

Studying Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy at 91做厙 University College

Ever wondered what it’s like to study Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy at a small and specialist health sciences university?

Students studying at 91做厙 University College benefit from being part of a specialist health care community. Imaging facilities on campus include our:Open Upright MRI,Ultrasound Clinic, Virtual 3D machine (Radiotherapy), Digital X-ray suite, Quantitative Fluoroscopy, Direct Radiography (DR) room and ourCentre for Biomechanic Research.

Open Upright MRI

We are lucky to have one of only 7 open upright MRIs in the country. An Open Upright MRI scan can help if your patient suffers from claustrophobia, and enables more flexibility for patients who may not be able to lay completely flat. The experience is much less intimidating than a traditional lie down tunnel MRI scan. The patient can move between scans and see out (front, above and behind). This may be helpful for people who are nervous in closed spaces.

Our Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Courses

Sonographer teaching student on MSc Breast Imaging course with breast phantom.

Build on your skills in breast imaging and breast health, ready to take the next step in your career as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner.

Sonographer teaching students on MSc Medical Ultrasound course.

Take your medical career in a new and exciting direction, with all the clinical and practical skills youll need to work as an ultrasound professional.

Looking for more subjects?

We offer health education undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and professional short courses in the fields of chiropractic, medical imaging and radiology, psychology and sport, exercise and health science. Visit the subject areas that interests you and register your interest on a course.


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